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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Goal of the OWC Accelerator?

Starting a company is hard. And worse, decentralized app (dApp) development and adoption are even harder, with many barriers — technological, legal, and regulatory — what it means to be a founder in crypto is mystifying, ever-changing, and nascent. The goal of OWC accelerator is to make the journey in joining the blockchain revolution easier for promising founders.

What Is the OWC Accelerator?

Our accelerator offers insights from investors and industry experts combined with hands-on work over 12 weeks to validate/invalidate ideas and business decisions, define and grow KPIs, develop a product-market fit, and raise capital.

Who Should Apply to the OWC Accelerator?

We look for teams in the pre-seed or seed-stage —  you have a startup with a few users, or you're early in your entrepreneurial journey and recently launched a prototype.

Can Companies Who Have Already Raised Capital Join the OWC Accelerator?

Companies that have raised less than $1 million USD can still apply to OWC Accelerator. Teams looking for seed and above financing rounds are not eligible for the accelerator, but are encouraged to send pitch decks to for OWC Ventures.

How Do We Assess Candidates for the OWC Accelerator?

We accept applications based on the team, market, progress, and idea. The best things you can do to strengthen your application are: 

  • Round out your team with business, technical, and other necessary skills

  • Make quantifiable progress on your prototype or product

  • Demonstrate early traction or provide data points on your core assumptions

  • Demonstrate a market-first approach to entrepreneurship

What Are the Benefits of the Accelerator?

  • A global network of Web 3.0 founders

  • VC and industry mentors (regular 1:1 Meetings)

  • Demo Day with top VCs

  • Customized programming & curriculum

  • Partner support: office hours, workshops and panels

  • Access to all our resources (community, deals & discounts, events)

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