The Open Web Collective’s Founder Lab supports entrepreneurs building the decentralized web. Leverage the power of our network and program to get adoption, growth and succeed.
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Now, more than ever, we need entrepreneurs to build the open web, and unlock the future - OWC Founder Lab is here to help. Our goal is to rally the builders of the open web, who believe in accessible, transparent, autonomous, and decentralized creation, participation, and governance of the internet. Those who strive to make the web a medium through which knowledge is created, accessed, and exchanged for both public and private good.


As we move past the hype of decentralization and towards effective implementation, the Open Web Collective is recruiting and accelerating crypto-native and user-centric projects and businesses. from ideation to growth; we support your business every step of the way. 


Focused on the diverse needs of founders, we run a virtual program to take your project to the next level. Through a tailored curriculum, access to exclusive networks and events, and mentorship, we help our founders navigate the blockchain ecosystem and build successful businesses.